22 / 03 / 2020
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Tips for Ladies : With or without makeup ?

Ladies, you know what men really think about makeup, right? They do not dare telling us this but actually, men believe that women wear makeup to „trick“ them into thinking that we are more attractive as we really are…

For many Escort Girls, looking as desirable as possible for their clients is extremely important. I am not talking about the regular prostitute or the street sexworker (for those two categories or workers, the way they present themselves may not be that important). I am refering here to the Escort Girl. This girl who works at a private/upscale location, who sees few clients per day, who has a certain education background, who can hold a conversation, who usually chooses the men she wants to spend time with and whose hourly price is relatively high. This girl, the Escort Girl care a lot about her appareance. And because she always wants to make sure she looks great, she may uses makeup to enhance her beauty features. We women, all know that makeup is not very liked by men. But does it belong to these things where less is more?


Ladies: How do you a feel when you wear makeup? 

I am a woman myself and amoung women we can talk openly. Using makeup for many of us is a way of being in charge of our own appearance and those who take the time to learn makeup skills feel even more confident because they master in the techniques of looking more „beautiful/different“ than who they really are.

Other women are already stunning and do not need any makeup but would wear some not to look like another person but rather to light up their appareance which is already amazing without face painting. But is all this really necessary? As an Escort, should you wear no makeup at all?

*You may use makeup to hide yourself: Using makeup makes you feel less noticeable, especially when you are anxious, sad or insecure. Those feelings should not be shown to clients. I agree. They are not coming for that.

*You may use makeup to be more seductive: You want to be more noticebly attractive so in order to look more confident, sociable and assertive, makeup is a must for you.

But if you are honest with yourself, you know that for most of men, makeup is not that important. It plays a role but on the long run, it is not what will make them enjoy your company. You are using makeup to position yourself among the other women… Right?


Gentlemen : Why women really wear makeup ?

I am sure that each of you asked himself this question at least once in his life „Why this girl has so much makeup on?“. And when you ask them not to wear any makeup at all, they will rarely listen to you. They would usually act like they don’t care about what you may say or may think. And you know why?

Because women are not wearing makeup for you. Women perceive other women who wear make-up as more dominant and successful. Women are more jealous of other women wearing makeup and consider them as more promiscuous. So, a woman who wears make-up would care less about what men may think of how she looks if there would be no possible point of comparison with other women. Which is not the case in our modern society. Women are constantly comparing themselves to other women.

I observed the same phenomenon in the Escort industry. Do you know that Sex Portals which target straight-men have about 30 to 60% visitors who are women? Yes! Same applies with TVR website where much to my surprise, I’ve noticed that 42% of the visitors of women... Escorts spend hours on similar websites checking-out how the other Escorts (obviously their competitors) look like…  Yes Gentlemen, makeup is one of the favorite beauty weapon of girls with a few exceptions, of course. Escorts feel probably even more pressured to look great because the „transaction“ thing creates a certain degree of expectation from men. But as an Escort client, how to approach the subjet without offending her?


As an „Hobbyist“, how to tell her…?

As a client of Escorts (Hobbyist), you are in the position to ask for certain things which matter to you and if the request is politely formulated and not on short notice, the Escort will usually make sure not to disappoint you, as long as she is comfortable with your request.

If you are not too much into makeup (some men really do not like that, especially heavy lipstick), just ask her that you would prefer seeing her without any makeup on. Some girls will say no, some will agree to meet you that way. However, don’t be too naive; do not expect her to have no makeup at all! Very few will dare showing you their face makeup free. But at least, if you mention clearly that you do not like makeup, the normal reaction of an Escort will be to use as little makeup as possible (the minimum use for her to still feel comfortable) or a kind of makeup that makes her look more natural. This way, it should make both of you happy.

Why? Let’s face it Gentlemen: although you constantly preach that you like natural ladies (you see, you told it so much to your wife/girlfriend that she now does no effort at all and her „natural beauty“ may be way less attractive to you today ;-)), we all know that it isn’t true. What you mean is that you do not like women with too much makeup. Actually, you prefer women with a natural makeup look. But makeup is still something that you find nice on women as long as it does not look to excessive. Am I wrong? So please, stop saying to women that you like them without makeup because you know and we know that it is not true.


Makeup :  less is more ? 

Coming to the end of this article, we now know the following : most women with bare-faced makeup are seen by men as friendly, inoffensive and kind but not necessary sexually attractive. Women using an average amount of makeup are usually the ones men chase the most. Glamorous/heavy makeup gives men the impression that you are an „easy“ girl… It also attracts different kind of men (quantitative vs qualitative).

Most women wear so much makeup that it exceeds what is considered attractive for men. And please Ladies, do not compare yourself with women in magazines or on social media: in the real life, they do not look like they pretend to. All this is marketing, show, illusion. Yes, in reality, the large majority of these girls look normal, just like you and I.

Makeup is important, but too many women make the mistake of wearing so much that they lose its benefits. When the makeup is not overdone, it makes you appear more classy, likeable, trustworthy, intelligent and competent.

Remember girls: men are extremely visual (on average, way more than women). Be careful of the impression you want to make and focus on using makeup to enhance your natural beauty, not to look like a completly different person.

As an Escort, you want to build a long term „story“ with your client for him to become a regular one (as we all know how precious regular clients are). Please, do not lie to him and hide yourself behind too much make up because after that „Overnight“ he may never want to book you again, seeing your face in the morning, makeup free…

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