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What mistakes do clients of escorts often make in bed?


Does your escort change her mood during sex? Then it's very possible that you're doing something unexpected (or not suitable) before or during sex. Read this article to find out the most common mistakes escorts clients make in bed and learn how to avoid them for a fulfilling erotic encounter with your favourite independent escort.


Skipping the foreplay

I know that it can be very hard to focus on anything other than the sex act itself. However, keep in mind that the purpose of making love is for both partners to feel pleasure, not just one. Although many escorts will pretend not caring about having pleasure or not, their best dates are those with clients who manage to please them too.

That's why I recommend not skipping foreplay. The idea of spending minutes on stimulating all areas of your/her body may seem 'boring', especially when that fire in you is giving you no peace, but the quality of sex will increase considerably if you consider the foreplay.


Twisting her nipples

Careful nipple and nipple stimulation are indeed two important aspects of the intercourse. But not all women like their nipples to be played with. Some are very sensitive around that area and some even, will never get excited that way. That's why it's best to gently massage the area instead of twisting the nipples. My advice is to use your tongue rather than your fingers to stimulate the nipple.


One-minute lightning matches

Perhaps nothing is more embarrassing than a partner who promises you thrills all night long, but can't handle a minute of sex. It's quite possible that the derisory expectations we have after watching an adult movie can often contribute to this bravado. My piece of advice: If you suffer from impotence or premature ejaculation, you can turn to potency supplements to extend the duration of your sex.


Oral sex on duty

Probably nothing is more frustrating for a woman than the idea of giving her partner oral sex without getting the same treatment from him. That's why we recommend you return the favour every time (unless the independent escort has explicitly mentioned not liking it or is showing some discomfort), especially since well-done oral sex in women can trigger unforgettable orgasms.


Sudden change of position

During intercourse, it is advisable to use several positions. This helps to banish monotony from the bedroom and give your escort-girl a great orgasm. However, suddenly changing positions only puts an end to that pleasurable sensation. Ask her if she's ready to change positions and let her set the pace for the party. Furthermore, make sure that the positions chosen are to her liking, not just yours.


Stopping everything after ejaculation

Even if you've had an orgasm, that doesn't necessarily mean your independent escort has finished. If you are done before her, be a gentleman and help her reach orgasm too.


Focusing too much on clitoral stimulation

Vaginal stimulation before penetration is a very important step to a sex time with an escort. However, you need to bear in mind that there's a flip side to this. Over-stimulating the clitoris can have exactly the opposite effect, namely numbing that area.


Trying to imitate adult film actors

Porn films can be considered beneficial in that they help us discover new things about human sexuality. Unfortunately, far too many men end up being a disappointment to their partners and to the independent escorts in Switzerland as they try to replicate everything they see in terms of positions and behaviour in adult films.

Bear in mind that sex is not an opportunity for bravado or a good ground to practice what you see on the small screen. My recommendation is to let it flow as naturally as possible and, of course, have an honest discussion with your independent escort about what she likes and doesn't like.

Adult films are directed, with many of those moves introduced for the sake of art, so be sure to ask your partner if she's okay with anything you think you might borrow from the small screen.



Despite everything you see in adult movies or hear in comedians' monologues, talking down to a woman does not turn her on (unless she is OK with this or she is super submissive and actually likes it that way).

Although communicating your desires is important, it's equally important that each of you feels comfortable with what's happening in bed.

Be careful with your independent escort in Switzerland. Her sexual satisfaction is just as important as yours, and satisfaction is only achieved if you respect her as a woman. She may be the kind of woman who sometimes likes to get into a sexual game, identical to those seen in adult movies, but before you use a potentially offensive name or make certain gestures that may seem inappropriate, talk to her.


Your Ego in bed

There is no man (even if it is not always expressed openly, this ego can take up a lot of space internally) who can openly admit that he makes this mistake: He takes his ego to bed and starts letting it dominates him. What does that mean? Prejudices and comparisons. I think women know the situation: "Is my penis the biggest?", "Do you have more orgasms with me than with someone else?"

Enjoy sex and leave other thoughts at the bedroom door. Comparing yourself to other men won’t help.


Being silent and showing no emotion

Women want and need emotional experiences in bed. And men believe that remaining silent during sex is a better option than expressing desires. But if you don't communicate during sex and give her a strong emotional experience, she can't be satisfied or may smile to you but deep inside, she will have mixed feelings. Sometimes even a simple moan or saying words like "it feels so good" will make her feel good too.


Thinking that what one woman likes pleases all women

Many men make assumptions about what a particular woman likes based on what they know has turned others on, but there are big differences in what women want in bed based on their experience, their confidence and the physical attraction they have (or not) towards you. If you have difficulty decoding your independent escort’ answers, it's best to ask her what she likes most.


Closing comment

These were in my opinion the most common mistakes men make in bed. Fortunately, they can be easily avoided with a little goodwill from you Gentlemen. Even if you think you know what satisfies an independent escort in bed, offer her a variety of sexual experiences to make sure she enjoys every single encounter with you!


Selena for TheVelvetRooms


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