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What to do when the sex model doesn't match the photos?


If you visit escort girls from time to time, it has probably already happened to you: the sex model you were expecting was not at all what you had imagined... In this article, we explain how you should react in such a situation. Because even if, as an escort client, you have gained experience and flair from your many visits to call girls, you can still be fooled...


At first glance: a very attractive sex model

You have spotted an ad on the Internet that is exactly the girl of your dreams: the sex model is young, beautiful and has a perfect body... You make an appointment; you are looking forward to it and you are very excited about this upcoming date.

You arrive, on time and a little impatient. Just then, another woman opens the door, and you ask yourself: “O.K., is it the receptionist?”  What's more, in the ad it said PRIVATE and ALONE.

After a few moments, that girl turns out to be the woman in the photos. At least, that is what the sex model claims. All right, there is a certain resemblance. But unfortunately, she is not what you expected. So now what?


Three types of scenarios

In this type of situation, not all men react in the same way to a sex model whose photos have nothing to do with reality. The reaction of a client will strongly depend on his personality, the extent of the expectations he had before going on the date and the time he spent getting there (preparation time and time spent in the car or on public transport). Most of the time, such a situation gives rise to one of these three scenarios regarding the sex model: the client is intransigent, the client is understanding, the client is uncomplicated.


The uncompromising guy:

The uncompromising, straightforward customer will react in the following way: “Sorry, but you're not my type of girl and I've been misled by your fake photos”.  Should he leave without having even touched her, or should he pay something anyway?

The most appropriate attitude towards the sex model would be as follows: when you have agreed on something, it is like a contract that takes effect between two parties. As a gentleman, you want to be generous, but does it really help the girl? If the sex model is sympathetic to the situation and tries to explain/justify what is happening, an obolus from the client is appropriate. If the girl is arrogant and full of herself, it is more “instructive” to leave without a guilty conscience not to leave her anything.


The understanding guy:

Faced with such a situation, some gentlemen are more flexible and willing to give the sex model the benefit of the doubt. There may be a reason why the photos do not match the “original version”. The logic here is to try, then draw a conclusion. This customer says to himself: “If the sex model is nice, then appearance plays a secondary role”.


The uncomplicated guy:

The uncomplicated customer thinks: “Well, I'm here, so I might as well make the most out of the situation. I hope the service will be good”.

The tendency of this customer will still be to try to negotiate the price with the sex model, because he figures he does not have much to lose anyway. But what is certainly inappropriate in any case is that if you have decided to go ahead with an appointment anyway, you still negotiate the rate.


Why doesn't a sex model assume her appearance?

What drives escort girls to use fake photos or “enhance” their own photos with Photoshop/filters?

For many sex workers, the need not to be recognized is certainly there. Many of those who work in the adult industry have not told their friends and acquaintances about the work they do. Certainly not their families. The chance of being discovered one way or another via the Internet is high, especially if the sex model lives in Switzerland (where she also works as a call girl). In their logic, it therefore seems preferable to work with fake photos from the start.

Some Escort Girls also want to make themselves more beautiful than they really are removing a bit of belly with photoshop/filters, making the ex-boyfriend's tattoo disappear and giving the complexion a sun-kiss... That is how you become (more) beautiful! On a real date, it is a little different: you can still pull in your stomach a bit for a short while, but it is impossible to get rid of the natural look...

What is really silly is when celebrity photos are “stolen” by a sex model. Usually, these photos are quickly discovered and the sex model who uses them is pilloried on escorts forums.

In any case, it is a good idea to talk to the sex model about her photos. Everyone wants to sell themselves as well as possible; the packaging does not always contain what you expect. But it is not just the packaging. Sometimes, what it does content is much better than expected. Sometimes, unfortunately, it isn't either and one is disappointed.

So, it is certainly better - and more honest - if the photos match the reality. If they do not, you have a choice: stay or go. After a few negative experiences, men become more cautious. As far as escort girls are concerned, the advice I would give them is to seriously consider working only with their own photos.


How can I be sure that the sex model is using her own photos?

On Google, there are several “reverse image search” programs or other programs that search the web to see if the sex model's photo has already appeared somewhere. If a match is found, you can quickly find out whether it is a personal photo or a fake one.

In sex forums, too, you will often find hints about fake images. Some escort girls portals also check the authenticity of images. Favor the latter if you have a choice to make.

On our TVR site, we fight against the use of fake photos and use internal checks to ensure that the photos used by the models are their own. Moreover, many of the girls who advertise on our site choose to take their photos in-house with TVR to give their profile more legitimacy.


What's important to remember?

As an escort client, you should keep in mind that when you go to see a sex model, there are never any guarantees about her appearance. If you are looking for the perfect sex model and do not want to be disappointed, you need to be prepared. A few checks (the girl's reputation, her comments, how long she has been working in Switzerland, the harmony of her profile...) on the net increase your chances of meeting the person you are looking for. This way, you do not buy a “cat in the bag”.


Janet - The Velvet Rooms

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