Dubious locations…

If you live in the German part of Switzerland or if you have been to Switzerland before and visited a Call-Girl at her Incall location, you may know by now that some locations are far to be the most discreet, clean and welcoming places. If it was not for that special lady you wanted to see, you would have probably done a U-turn and never come back…or maybe this is exactly what happened!

Unfortunately, a lot of people (both Escort Girls and clients) have a tendency to underestimate how important an Incall place is. Many Escorts don’t care about where they receive their clients and complain that the ones calling all try to push their prices down. On the other hand, clients visiting these Escorts don’t care either as they know that receiving at that place does not worth more than what they are willing to spend. What a pity!

Most Escorts in Switzerland do not understand how essential it is to welcome their clients in a safe, legal, discreet and clean environment. It is important for them (because they spend a lot of hours in that Indoor place) but also for the ones visiting them (a client must feel comfortable if he intends to meet his chosen Lady for a long date) and spending a lot of money for the time spending with her.

Girls, how can you possibly expect to charge 300-400 CHF an hour and welcoming your guests at a low scale location which does not match your rates? And don’t get me wrong, it is not only about the area you are welcoming your clients in but also about how your apartment looks like inside, how does it smell, how is it decorated…

And you Gentlemen, why would you meet a girl at a gloomy place? Why would you accept that? Don’t you work hard enough for your money? So when comes the time to spend it, don’t settle for less! An Escort Girl’s rates are not only about the service she provides. It is about the whole package which is available to you: the way she presents herself, the services she offers, her personality, her attitude towards you but also the location she welcomes you at! This is what you are paying for guys!!! Visiting a Girl at a crappy location often means lower prices…lower prices usually mean vague service (not always what was promised on the phone)… vague service means a pretty much disappointed client who may not come back… Is it what you are looking for?

Gentlemen, why would you accept to meet a girl at a very suspicious or lousy place?

If you are a Gentleman for whom the whereabouts play a significant role in your decision of seeing an Escort or if you are intend to meet an Escort Girl soon, do your homework first: inform yourself about her Incall area. If for you the location matters, ask her first if her Incall place is a decent location. It will save you time and money!


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