14 / 04 / 2024
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Chloé: Your Zürich Escort Girl is back after a long break!


I’ve been away for so long! But your favorite Zurich escort girl is back in Switzerland and to tell you the true, my return was not particularly planed but I am very happy to feel ready to return to work as a Swiss escort after so many months of absence.


A short introduction to my service as an escort girl

For those who were looking for an escort service and who know me already, I am truly looking forward to seeing you again this month at my Incall place in Zurich or in the Canton of Zug (Unterägeri). For those who have never heard of me, well I'm Chloé, an independent escort in Switzerland who have been building a strong reputation over the years. Among the many escorts in Switzerland, I am probably the gentlest you will have met! Escort clients who are looking for a real GFE tend to appreciate my company a lot and I think I know how to return the favor.

I do offer both Incalls and Outcalls. I can be your outcall escort if you prefer to have me coming to your place or to your hotel room. I gladly welcome you at my place for an Incall service if you are looking for an escort nearby and if you would rather prefer visiting me at my place. I am the prefer escort girl for gentlemen who love to treat themselves as it should be and who enjoy the girlfriend experience. Among the thousands of Swiss sex workers, I am one in a million and I really hope I will be able to meet you soon to make you realize that it's not just talk.


Why did I pause my escort service for such a long time?

Now, a few words about why I have been absent for a bit over 18 months. I could have updated my escort website writing a blog, but I wanted to make sure to reach out as many gentlemen as possible through the velvet rooms website.

Being a female escort is a job I have been enjoying for years now. But as many other jobs, taking a long break from escorting is necessary from time to time. To be an escort is a job that demands physical and, above all, mental energy. To be a high end escort requires even more effort and skill, because one needs to be able to adapt to all contexts and circumstances, in other words, to be a versatile female escort. It's not a skill for everyone. The more a female escort is intelligent, cultured, natural, well-educated (she demonstrates a good command of the rules of manners and social skills), the less she will resemble an escort (at least the image one generally has of them) and the more she will be paid for her escort services. And the more an escort lady is mentally challenged, the more time she'll need to rest and recover. That's the situation I found myself in a few months ago. I needed to rest, to recharge my batteries, to spend time with my loved ones. Having a balanced social life for an escort is not always easy, especially when no one around them is aware of their activity. It can be mentally challenging. For my part, I am lucky not to find myself in this situation.


An Escort Girl needs rest

During these long months of absence, I not only rested my body and my mind, I also took the opportunity to educate myself further and prepared the ground for a second activity in a near future (I won't say more in this blog, but dear customers, if you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to ask me questions when you visit me). Indeed, offering escort services, gfe and erotic massages is something I love doing. However, for me, a long career as an escort girl is very difficult to envisage for the reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Most of female escorts I know had short careers in this industry. Why? Because the best independent escorts not only share their body and their presence but also their energy and all these traits of their personality which are real assets that contribute to make you (gentlemen) spend a magical moment in their company. Because being a female escort is going beyond who you really are to please someone you may never see again, I know that the time will come where my title as independent escort Zurich will probably fade because emotionally, it will become more difficult to provide my clients with an excellent service. That is the reason why, I always advise to the ladies who are wondering how to become an escort to simultaneously start thinking about another activity they can do while being an escort. When one has done adultwork for years, it is essential to have been able to anticipate the end of this career and the beginning of another. That way, one is not completely lost when the time has come to turn the page and write a new chapter of one life. So many sex workers have been working for years in this industry as if a lot of money will always be earned...


An Escort Girl needs to be resilient

For my part, I'm not there yet. Quite the contrary actually! I even have the privilege of being able to enjoy flexibility when it comes to my work as an escort girl. And while being an independent escort in Switzerland pleases me, I will never get tired of traveling in Switzerland. Additionally, over the years I have met wonderful escort clients, men I would have probably never met in conventional situations. Being an escort has benefited me greatly. Being a female escort made me mature, grow, discover myself sexually. It also allowed me to better understand men, their needs and the fundamental differences that exist between the needs of men and those of women. Sometimes, when I look at the people around me, I really have the impression that becoming an escort has saved me a lot of time in life. I am not promoting the escort profession here; I am simply sharing my experience as an independent escort which I must admit has been very enriching so far. When you are lucky enough to be able to become an escort in the right conditions and to obtain a certain financial education, being an escort can be an unforgettable adventure. This is the case for me, and I wish no less for all of you girls, who are thinking of becoming an escort one day.

Entering the industry is not as accessible and straight forwards as it used to be, that's true. Of course, it is relatively easy to step in but to generate sustainable income out of it has become more challenging as I have been noticing. The whole adult entertainment has become more competitive, but it has not disappeared and in my opinion, it will be here forever. Meaning that for those who are willing to be professional, qualitative, consistent and reliable, you still have a chance to succeed in the game.


Back with a warm deal

To celebrate my return, I am offering a special offer to all those who come to visit me for one hour. I invite you to look at my escort profile on the velvet rooms because nothing will appear around this on my escort website. I will be there for a total of two weeks. For those of you who are looking for some sex in Zug, note that I will not be that far. You can find your private escort in Unterägeri, just about 12min drive from the city of Zug. The following week, I will be your Zurich Escort Girl and my location will be in one of the best areas of the city of Zurich. And for those of you who have always appreciated the Top Chef Experience in my company, please, do not hesitate to book! ;-)


See you soon…

This article is coming to an end, and I particularly want to thank you gentlemen. I am speaking to everyone I have had the chance to meet. Please know that in my eyes, you are not just escort clients. No, you are much more than that. Being around you allowed me to rise, gain confidence, learn to know myself better, have ambition and always seek to improve myself. Our conversations made me grow and our intimate moments made me blossom. I do not regret to have chosen to become an escort in Switzerland and thanks to you, I can continue to move forward in life, in the direction that I have deliberately chosen. To those who already know me, thank you for your support, for your generosity and for your loyalty. To those who don't know me yet, what are you waiting for to finally meet your private escort in Zurich? I look forward to meeting you, already hoping that this date will be the first but not the last!


Kisses all over! kiss


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