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Hello everybody,

I think I should say : I love providing the Girlfriend-Experience, if there is sympathy and chemistry between me and my clients.

The Girlfriend-Experience is a very intimate art of being together, just like with a real girlfriend : kissing, cuddling, massaging, gentle touches and communication between me and my customers are clearly very important during our appointment, whether it is for 1 hour or for an overnight. During this time I treat my client as if I were his girlfriend.

With some men (but mainly with the single clients) it can be dangerous.  They forget that the Girlfriend-Experience actually goes until the end of our date.

I receive messages from time to time (even if we have met only once) that are not about another appointment request, but about my daily life: “How are you? “What are you doing?” “How is your weekend?” “How was your day?” etc…. You know, just this kind of chit-chats. Of course, it would be all right and good if at the end there would be a short question to me such as: “When would you have time for me, when can we meet?”.

When I realize that the client needs to reach out to me again and again when he is bored, and the most important question doesn’t come at all, I usually ask him to stop this kind of communication. If he wants to spend some time with me and would like to enjy my company, for example a TopChef Experience is the best choice. Then, during our time my full attention belongs to him.

Many Escorts write too much with their clients, because they want to keep their interest, hoping that they can still benefit from all these nice and long conversations about the weather or their lunch. But the truth is that 99% of these clients come over only once or twice a year.

My best customers who meet me regularly (or from time to time but then for longer appointments), write to me in a completely different and pleasant way. They write to me again and again, but not too much. They contact me and they are interested in me and my days, we keep in contact, but then the most important question eventually comes : “When can we meet? When do you have time for me? ”

They do not want more of my attention and understand that the time that I dedicate for them belongs to my work as an escort, and I don’t give less of that for what I am here for my Clients.  They appreciate me and my company, and I appreciate them and their polite attitude towards me.

It is very important that clients always respect and accept our work as Service Providers (like any other job), so that our dates can go smoothly, without any misunderstanding.

Thanks for taking the time to read my few words about this important topic.

Kind regards,


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