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Tips for Ladies : Lady, it doesn't just happen to others ...

They are confined in the miscellaneous news section when they turn to drama, but most of the time go unnoticed. When it comes to a sex worker, either the Press talks about it in a biased way, or the facts are glossed over.

However, violence against women is a reflection of a social phenomenon. Did you know that in Switzerland, a woman dies every two to three weeks under the blows of her spouse or ex-spouse?

With regard to sex workers, few statistics exist on those who have lost their lives as a result of an assault by a client.

She is dead now.

As the videos below show you, it happened last week in Kloten, very close to Zurich airport, in the middle of the day. He may have known the victim and knew also that she was working alone in her apartment. He wanted money. These videos speak for themselves. This woman you see in the videos died shortly after her assault.

[video width="640" height="352" mp4="/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Video-1.mp4"][/video]


[video width="640" height="352" mp4="/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Video-2.mp4"][/video]


The camera system in the apartment filmed the scene but could not do anything to save this young woman. Escorts often feel reassured when there are cameras on the permises. In reality, these cameras are not installed for their security but to keep them under surveillance (to know if they are present, if they behave well, if they do not "steal" clients from the agency which employs them...). If they are assaulted, the camera can do nothing for them since there is no one who watches it 24 hours a day and who can therefore intervene in the event of a problem.

I'm not saying that a camera is useless. In this case, it will help identify the attacker but unfortunately, it will not have done anything to save this the life of that woman.

On the other hand, an alarm system (where one just needs to press a button) in this apartment, could certainly have been more usefull ... Such a drama does not leave me indifferent, quite the contrary and helps me to realize what can be done / improved in TVR apartments…

Velvet-Models:  My few tips for you.

* At TVR, you have the chance to benefit for free from a system that allows a minimum of cients filtering, before agreeing to meet them. We have a Blacklist system as well as a Membership system which is quite efficient. USE THEM ! The malicious/dangerous customer who wants to harm you in general, will not register on our site. The ill-intentioned customers will choose their prey differently... and will go elsewhere to get them.  Some Models (like Robi, Adèle or Flavia for example) have chosen to meet only TVR-Members. For your protection, I strongly advise you to do the same.

* Many Escort Girls assaults take place with clients the Escort already knows. With a known client, you are less suspicious, less on your guard. Don't trust to easily repeat/regular customers and stay professional no matter what.

* Never pick-up the phone from an unknown number. NEVER.  Even if you had a bad day and earned no money. Do not share your address with a person calling you without you being able to see his number.

* Do not make appointment with a client via SMS/Whatsapp only. If you don’t know him yet, ask him to call you first. Hearing someone‘s voice can sometimes give you a lot of information about the person. And if you are not sure, follow your 6th sense and learn to trust it… it will usually warn you and tell what to do or not to do.

* Many assaults happen at night but they can also happen in the middle oft he day. Do not underestimate this fact. Moreover, if I were you, I will not meet clients after 10pm, especially those you have never met before. For a few hundred Swiss francs, it is not worth the trouble, believe me. Your health and your life are invaluable.

* When you go on an Outcall, ALWAYS communicate your client's name and address to someone you trust. Write to this person when you leave and when you get back from your Outcall. The faster it is to locate you, the faster the police will be able to do whatever it takes to find you and save you if you are in danger.

* If you choose to work as an Escort in a foreign country (also named : Touring Escorts), make sure you pick a country where prostitution is legal, especially if you are going to work alone, as an independent Escort (even if the hourly rates in these countries are lower, because remember: your life is invaluable!). The most sordid violence against prostitutes happen in countries where prostitution is illegal (the United States, the Emirates...). And since it is illegal, if things go wrong, you won't even be able to count on the authorities (the police) to help you because it is rather you who will be considered guilty.

* Don't believe everything clients tell you and avoid confiding in them. Not all customers are as nice as they seem. The more a client knows you, the more likely they are to blackmail you or use what they know about you, against you. Many will never tell you but will always consider you inferior to all the women they know around them, while you are certainly one of those who contributes the most to their personal happiness. If something happens to you or if you need help, many will take their distance. Cowardice will take over. Be beautiful, be friendly, be the best but don’t be naive and remain professional.  That’s one of the key concepts to last in this industry and to stay away from troubles.

Assault, rape, murder. Lady, it doesn't just happen to others ...

This drama happened in Switzerland. In a safe country, where prostitution is legal. Imagine the horrors of which Escort Girls like you are victims in all these countries where this activity is illegal? The death of this woman in Kloten (near Zurich Airport), no media reported. Why? Because sex workers are always seen as inferior human beings.

Let’s stop accepting this fatality which should not be one. I decided to publish these videos because this kind of drama is inacceptable and should not be overlooked. If no one talks about it, nothing will ever change for the sex workers (no matter if they are Escort-Girls, TS or Escort-Boys).

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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